Debt Relief Services

We offer different remedies to suit your specific financial situation, including but not limited to Debt Administrations, Debt Counselling and Debt Negotiation Services.

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 General Litigation

We are able and willing to assist in any legal matter within our abilities and will do so promptly and with great care.

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 Debt Collections

We handle legal recoveries for individuals, as well as all financial and business institutions, including soft collections and collections of litigious nature.

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 Family Law

We will gladly assist you with all Maintenance, Mediation and Divorce matters in a discreet and understanding manner.

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Debt: What are my options?

Debt: What are my options?

by Gerstner Attorneys  Comments (0)
You’ve heard of so many quick remedies to solve debt-related problems. “Hide your furniture”, they say. “Close your bank account so the debit orders don’t go off”, they advise. “Take out a loan to consolidate...


We use Gerstner Attorneys for an array of legal matters, ranging from collecting outstanding debts to handling small to large scale litigation. They are quick and efficient, and also quite affordable