Debt Remedial:

business papers on the tableDebt administration

This entails a Court application to appoint an Administrator who acts on behalf of the client with regards to his/her debts. This is currently the only remedy with which one can address and remove multiple Emoluments Attachment Order deductions from a Consumer’s salary.

A reduced instalment is ordered by Court, after budget has been done to ascertain what Consumer has available to pay towards debt. The Consumer would then pay one consolidated instalment to the firm, from where it is distributed amongst the Consumer’s Credit Providers

Debt Mediation

This is an informal and voluntary process, conducted in terms of the common law, which offers temporary relief for Consumers whom are experiencing short term financial distress. Negotiations with creditors for reduced instalments are made and maintained until clients are back on their feet.

Debt Review

This is a process as dictated by the National Credit Act. This process offers solutions to Consumers who are employed, or at the very least can commit to a fixed monthly instalment.

Instalments are generally also decreased to the point where it is affordable to the Consumer, but industry agreements require certain minimum commitments (ito payment terms and percentage instalments for secured loans). Once the new proposed payment plan is agreed to by all parties, it is made an order of Court, so as to offer the Consumer protection.

Removal of Judgements

Some of our clients who have gone through difficult times, and who have rehabilitated themselves to the extent where they can start building a new life, wish to take out bonds or vehicle finance to buy a new house or car.

However, most of the time their credit records still reflect the issues from their financial past. If you have paid up your debts, or if you dispute certain debts listed on your credit report, we do assist in removing this whenever possible so that you will become a favourable debtor to banks and finance houses once again.

Debt Collection

Because we know the processes of debt, we know how much of a burden this could be to clients who are struggling to collect payment from their debtors. We also understand how to go about with these debtors, whether through soft collection or collections of a litigious nature.

Dispute Resolution

With recent legislation promoting this way of settling matters, we have been attending to courses specifically dealing with dispute resolution so that we will be able to offer this service with the best of knowledge and experience.


Our services with regards to family law includes:

  • Antenuptial contracts

  • Advice on matrimonial property rights

  • Divorce law and mediation

  • Maintenance and support

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