Debt : What to do?


You have this problem. You have accepted it, and now it is time to do something about it. But who, where and how? You are scared. You have heard of so many fly-by-nights and mishaps of people claiming to help, but who are in fact only helping themselves. It is true, there are some people out there making misuse of the systems. They are only in it for the money and they will swindle you out of yours.

How do you avoid them? Easy! There are many ways to confirm if a business is legit. You could always check by calling and insisting on speaking with the owner of the business. You will quickly catch on if something fishy is going on. Other ways include checking for a NCR registration number in case of debt counselling, or calling the relevant Law Society in case of using an attorney. Another way to ensure that you are going for the right option, is by asking for references to other businesses with whom they are involved in a commercial environment.

The important thing is that whomever you choose to assist you with your problem, has to be someone that fully understands your situation, who sympathises with your situation and whom you trust with your situation.

There are many remedies available for a person in your situation, so keep on asking questions until you are 100% sure which one is right for you. Do not simply accept the first answer that is given to you as a solution. There might be something more fitting to your specific circumstances.

STEP THREE: Empower yourself by asking questions and understanding what is best for you & your circumstances.

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