Debt: An Obstacle in Daily Life

You might think that you are alone. You might feel ashamed and frustrated, because you think you are the only one experiencing this dreaded sword of debt hanging over your head. You can’t seem to think straight, you don’t even know where to begin to solve the bottomless pit of trouble you have gotten yourself into. Maybe you lost your employment, maybe you had an accident, maybe you just miscalculated your budget or maybe inflation finally caught up to your meagre income, consuming it so that there is nothing left to pay your debts with. Now, you start picking and choosing. This month I will pay these three accounts, next month, the other three. Those three probably won’t notice that they are not being paid, these creditors have so many consumers paying them and they are already making so much money, why would they bother over one payment of mine, right?


They will notice. They will charge you extra fees and interest. They will give you a bad mark on your credit profile. And they will not easily forget.

So you ask, what now? I find myself in this predicament, and I have no other idea of how to get out of it. If skipping one month’s payment has such a negative impact on my life, then I simply have to make payment on each account. So now you are using the children’s school money. You don’t really have enough to put proper food on the table. You sell your car and now you’re late for work, your children are late for school. You are not concentrating at work, and before you know it, you are dismissed. Your children are underfed, and having problems at school. This is not the life you had planned for them. How will they have a better future if this is the life they know?

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